Early Mk2 Jaguar 011

In May 2016 I bought a 1965 Jaguar Mk2 to restore. The car seems fundamentally sound although requires every component to be considered for functionality and safety .

The car as it was bought in May 2016:

  1. The car was delivered new as a 3.4l automatic, opalescent maroon, standard steel wheels, and a Wabasto sunroof.
  2. The original motor is gone. The guy who sold me the car included a motor and told me it is a 3.8l block with a later ‘compact’ 4.2l head and SU carburetors.
  3. The interior of the car is totally stuffed and beyond repair. I paid extra for a newer interior taken from a Daimler 2.5l (V8). These cars used the Jag Mk2 body shell and so the interior should fit straight in.
  4. Several major components were in the boot when the car was delivered – auto gearbox, torque converter, some of the exhaust system, the drive shaft, the starter motor and generator, and a box of  assorted electrical bits, brackets and fasteners.
  5. There is corrosion in most of the outer panels, although I believe the chassis of the car is sound.

Some plans for the restoration

As the car is no longer original (it will never be a ‘matching numbers’ restoration), I feel at liberty to make some modernising changes as I go. These are for consideration as the project starts and are subject to change:

  1. Upgrade the wiring with a new modern loom.
  2. Consider converting from auto to a Toyota Supra 5 speed manual box.
  3. Install power assisted rack and pinion steering.
  4. Convert to a darker colour for the interior.
  5. “Coomb” style spats over the rear wheels.

Resources for the project:

I have acquired the official Jaguar Service Manual for Mark 2 Models (Publication No.E.121) and the Haynes Owners Workshop Manual for Jaguar Saloons Mk1,Mk2, 340&340.

I have also found blogs on Mk2s presently being restored in the USA and NZ. The restorers have been extraordinarily generous in detailing their experience and expertise and I have learned a considerable amount from them before the project starts. Please see my Resources Page for details.