About Me

In May 2016 I bought a 1965 Mk2 Jaguar as a restoration project. As a restorer I have a few factors going against me:

  1. I have no formal training in any trade – let alone one which may be useful in restoring a classic car.
  2. I have limited tools and equipment.
  3. I know nothing about Jaguar cars. I have never previously owned one.
  4. These cars are big and heavy

On the other hand – there are a few factors in my favour:

  1. I have previously completed a ground-up restoration of a 1968 VW Beetle.
  2. I have access to a new workshop which will give me room to set up my equipment and work on the car.
  3. These cars have some following. A few very skilled restorers are on the road ahead of me and have been extraordinarily generous in sharing their experience and skills.
  4. I am willing to learn.

I intend to blog my progress on the car – however it is not my intention to create a ‘how to’ manual. I simply do not have the experience or skills to be passing on. My hope is to solicit information and advice from anybody with an interest to contribute.

About Jaguar Mk2 Cars

About my Car

Car No.    P169376BW

Engine No. KJ7713 8  (no longer in the car)

Body No. EO 64231

Automatic Transmission No. JBC23755P

See ABOUT for more details of the car and my rough plans for the project.